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Frequently Asked Questions

†1.How do consumers locate FindMyBestAgent.com?†††††††††††Buy Now†††††††††

They simply use one of the search engines to locate insurance agents. We also advertise on over 225 other search engines. We have designed and optimized this website specifically for the Google search engine but it also works with other search engines just as well. In our opinion, Google is the number one search engine(Google accounts for more than 50% of all internet searches).Open the Google browser and try some of these searches for yourself (we are usually on pages 1- 3):

> Google Browser (click to open) <

Affordable auto insurance

Affordable auto insurance quotes

Affordable car insurance

Affordable car insurance quotes

Auto insurance agents

Car insurance agents

Cheap car insurance agents

Cheap insurance

Cheap car insurance

Directory of car insurance agents

Local car insurance agents

Multi line insurance agents

[your state here]†car or auto insurance agents

Search terms used by consumers looking for insurance information will vary but these are some typical†examples. There are many others.

We are also linked to other insurance related, financial service, car, accounting and a variety of other websites that generate daily traffic.

How much does it cost to list my agency?††††††††Buy Now

The cost is only $45.00 per year (unless special rate applies).†There is no set-up fee and there are no other costs. Additional zip codes are also only $45.00 per year.† The limit is 5 zip codes per agent/office. Unless otherwise stated, listing fees are for one year and are non-refundable.

3. What do I get for my $45.00 ?†††††††††††††† Buy Now

You get the following:

Ł††††† You will be the only agent listed in your zip code(s)...PERIOD

Ł††††† An entire YourSite web page with your customized description of:

††††††† Name, address & phone number of agency

††††††† Special listing of the lines of insurance that agency writes

††††††† Picture of agent(if available)

††††††† Link to main agency website

††††††† Link to your email address

††††††† Complete description of your agency customized by you

††††††† Immediate internet web presence searchable by all major search engines

††††††† Search engine optimization for your page so prospects will find your web page

††††††† Google mapping so prospects can find your web page

4.How many agents will be listed in my zip code(s)?†††††††††† Buy Now

There will be only ONE agent per zip code. The zip code(s) that you choose will be exclusive to you and no other agent will be listed in your chosen zip code(s).

5. Can I†secure with more than one zip code?†††††††††† Buy Now

Yes you can. The first zip code is only $45.00. Each additional zip code will be only $45.00. There is a†five zip code per agent limit (unless special circumstances apply).

6.My company already lists my agency.† Why should I be listed with FindMyBestAgent.com?†† BuyNow

You may already be listed with your company but so are all of the other agents with your company. You donít have an option to make yourself stand out. Worse is that you may be the last agent on the list and no one is ever finding you. With FindMyBestAgent.com, you will be the ONLY agent listed in your zip code(s).

7.I am already listed in the Yellow pages.† Why should I be listed with FindMyBestAgent.com? BuyNow

The yellow pages have always been one of the agentís best friends for producing prospects. However, in recent years, more and more consumers are simply turning to the internet search for products and services. Further, a yellow page ad costs up to a few hundred dollars per month and you are still listed with all of the other agents! Our fee is only $45.00†for†each zip code per year. The return on your investment will be realized with the sale of a policy or two. There is simply not a better value available on the internet that gives you so much for such a nominal fee.

8.I am already listed in another internet directory.† Why should I list with FindMyBestAgent.com?

Having a presence on the internet has never been more important than it is today and being listed in multiple directories simply gives you a better chance to be found through a number of different internet searches. Sell a policy or two and you will have recouped your nominal investment. FindMyBestAgent.com was developed by insurance agents and we understand the unique needs of the agent. This site does not promote or support direct writer companies. We only support companies that allow for agents as a distribution channel.† Buy Now

9.An agent is already listed in my zip code.† How can I still list my agency?†††††††† Buy Now

Some listings are for promotional purposes only. Some listings are also temporary. If your zip code is already taken, email or call us to check if it is available so that you can be sure to secure your zip code. You may also want to consider a zip code close to your location other than your own.

10.How can I contact FindMyBestAgent.com?††††††††† Buy Now

You can email us at: info@FindMyBestAgent.com

You can write us at:††† FindMyBestAgent.com

††††† PO Box 921

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054

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